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We help companies attain their revenue goals and drive a critical aspect of inside sales forward by placing reps to VPs of Inside Sales.

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Over the last 20 years Inside Sales Staff has recruited more Inside Sales professionals than any other company in the world.


Waste Management
Bradford Exchange
World Cup Soccer
American Hospital Association

Hinkley and Schmidt
American Red Cross

American Medical Association
American Marketing Association
IL CPA Society
Leo Burnett
And other notable companies

Inside Sales Staff

Our Approach

Our inside sales staff recruiting strategy is something our clients and we decide upon together. We decide who is the best possible fit for the position. And why.

Together we ascertain a recruiting profile which comprises location,

compensation, experience, industry, aptitude, cultural fit, and any other considerations.

Then we start recruiting. We search inside our database of 9000 Inside Sales professionals, run help wanted ads, recruit from competitors, and more.

Our end game is to present you screened, vetted, candidates. All you have to do is say yes or no.

Our approach to Inside Sales Staff talent recruiting greatly accelerates your hiring process and moves you out of recruiting mode and into hiring mode.

Helping You Win A High-Stakes Game

Inside sales is a high-stakes game. For many companies, it is the engine that drives revenue and sales. As such, having the right inside sales staff team in place is of paramount importance. This is evidenced by a large number of firms competing for inside sales talent across all market sectors.

The notion of running a help wanted ad, getting the right candidate, and living happily ever after is generally a romantic idea. The reality is the United States market for inside sales staff talent is brutally competitive.

Companies who have adopted an inside sales model are hiring not one rep at a time but two, six, and ten at a time.

Demand is outstripping supply.

How do we know? Because all day, every day, we recruit inside sales staff talent. This is our world. Do market conditions spell doomsday for companies looking to start and scale an inside sales team?

More important is the question how does a company get the the best talent on board? The answer to these questions is a company must out recruit competition. This entails attracting more candidates and hiring them more quickly — a labor intensive, time consuming, arduous process not for the feint of heart.

Inside Sales Staff has a narrow focus, we specialize in inside sales recruiting and our value proposition reaches far beyond filling an empty seat. We help companies attain their revenue goals and help drive a critical aspect of inside sales forward.

2019 Inside Sales Salary Guide

Inside Sales Salary Guide 2019
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How To Attract, Hire, and Retain Inside Sales Talent
During the Biggest Hiring Frenzy in History

The shift to the inside sales model has caused demand for talent to outstrip supply. Attracting, hiring and retaining people is harder than ever before as companies compete for the same, small, limited pool of revenue-generating talent. It’s an insidious problem that can thwart inside sales initiatives and diminish a company’s ability to hit sales and revenue goals.

In this white paper, the world's leading inside sales recruiting agency shares with you strategies developed over the last 20 years to help you out-recruit companies competing for the same talent you are.

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